Saturday, 26 January 2013

Microsoft Leaked GTA V Launch Schedule

W-News | Microsoft Leaked GTA V Launch Schedule | Schedule the launch of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) V seemed to be getting close. Even whether intentional or not, Microsoft is rumored to join the game leaked launch schedule.

Indeed, some rumors had mentioned the time of the launch of GTA V, even classmates Amazon websites have the courage to open your reservations early for potential buyers of the game.

Now the news of the launch of GTA V more widely heard. According idigitaltimes, there are a number of players who claim to have done pre-order through Microsoft.

"I've done pre-order through Microsoft, they said they would go on sale March 24," said Nick Ritenour, one of the players who have done the reservation.

It is also common in Australia. One of the players in there claims to have an order in one of the largest online stores in Australia, it's just a little different with the release schedule in the United States.
"They say 24 April 2013," said gamer named Matt.

What is recognized as increasingly Ritenour and Mat mempejelas GTA V release schedule is getting closer. Whether true or not, but he promised the game will be launched in 2013, as quoted on Saturday (26/01/2013).


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