Wednesday, 9 January 2013

W-News | PlayStation 2 Has Been Retired ! | Following the termination of the distribution of the PlayStation 2 (PS2) in Japan, Sony finally officially retire one such console. Sony confirms no longer produce the PS2.

PlayStation 2 Has Been Retired !

Flashback, the legendary console was first released in 2000. In 13 years of age, the PS2 sold over 150 million units. Thanks to a successful sale, PS2 game consoles bearing the most successful of all time.

Reported by Guardian and quoted on Monday (01/07/2013), the PS2 continues to shine and compete with competitors like Sega and Nintendo. PS2 sales exceeded even its successor, the PS3. Amazingly, nearly three years after its release, has sold 1.52 billion PS2 games.

Despite its popularity still persist and developers are still supporting the PS2 to date, it seems Sony thinks it's time to rest these iconic console.

Reportedly, Sony soon release a PS4 this year. It is estimated, the arena Electronic Entertainment Expo 2013 will be used to introduce this first console.


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