Monday, 7 January 2013

W-News | Why Are Women More Easy Fat? | Largest consumer of diet programs are women. Compared to men, women are more concerned with appearance. There are actually related enzymes that make women more fat fast.

Enzymes are named Aldh1a1 and was instrumental in fat production. After menopause, the levels of this enzyme in women increased.

This enzyme is also found in animals, such as rats. Quoting from the website Live Science, is said to have carried out an experiment by scientists observed that female rats who eat foods rich in fat are more active enzyme Aldh1a1 her. This makes the deposition of fat around the abdomen (visceral fat) more.

Compared to male rats, the enzyme activity is not as high in female rats. Reports published the journal Diabetes also mention that in female mice that had been genetically engineered so that the enzyme is reduced, it turns out they stay thin while eating foods rich in fat.

Actually, the women at a young age, it's easier to keep the body stay slim. The reason is the hormone estrogen. This is the hormone that can suppress the activity of Aldh1a1. But after menopause, estrogen levels decrease dramatically, so be prone to weight gain.

With the enzyme triggers fat, not necessarily be easy to create a diet drug more potent. Because this study was done on mice, the researchers first had to demonstrate that these findings also apply to humans. Not only that, the actual Aldh1a1 enzyme plays an important role for the body so that the researchers could not senaknya completely eliminate this enzyme.


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