Saturday, 5 January 2013

1. Million Dollar Laptop / The Million Dollar Laptop
10 Laptop Unique In The World

W-News | Based in the UK, has created the creator Luvaglio first million-dollar laptop. That was the first of their luxury laptops will be sold. Full details of the laptop itself is not released until today, but it is known that it incorporates a 17 "widescreen LED with a layer of glare and a specially designed anti-reflective coating for clear and brighter image, 128GB of Solid State Disk space and a slot loading drive Blue- Ray. an integrated screen cleaning device and a very rare colored diamond jewelry that doubles as the power button is placed into the laptop, which also acts as security identification.

2. Orkin's rolltop
Orkin's rolltop

Orkin's rolltop is a product that should be on the list to be possessed by the laptop geeks, Why do we say so? "Notebook" comes with a flexible LED display that also functions multitouch for those who are familiar with the iPhone. When fully emerged, this product not only as a 17 "flat-screen display, but also can be folded into a 13" if needed. Do not know if that will work with wireless or not, but it seems that the laptop has a stylus tablets, adapter and USB port.

3. Datamancer's Steampunk Laptop
Datamancer's Steampunk Laptop

Glance looks like a Victorian music box, but this item is hand-crafted of wood in which there are complex Hewlett-Packard ZT1000 laptop that runs well with Windows XP and Ubuntu Linux. This screen feature is clockworks underglass, with carved brass accents, claw feet, keyboard and mouse antique copper, leather wrist pads for, and customized wireless network card. Engine running with clock-winding key by way of antique custom-built ratcheting switch made from old clock parts.

4. Thinkpad Reserve Edition
Thinkpad Reserve Edition

When IBM handed all of their laptop division to Lenovo, many feared that the classic Thinkpad design would lose direction, but with a design that was developed in the majority of people will be impressed with this laptop concept.

5. Ergonomic Dual Screen Split Keyboard Laptop
Ergonomic Dual Screen Split Keyboard Laptop

Things of greatest ergonomic Dual Screen Split Keyboard Notebook Portable Personal Computer is amazing not only because of the fact that the keyboard opening gives computer users more space to fit in to their hands, but that he has a second LCD hidden underneath. fantastic idea. The second screen works by connecting on the first screen - giving users the ability to "drag and send" to open windows or programs, or act as independent input screen pen to take notes, make sketches, and other things that users can do to write in it . This makes EDSSKN tremendous benefits not only for writers and word processors, but artists and designers as well.

6. HP Laptop Girly
HP Laptop Girly

Some girls want more attention, not only from men but also from the gadget which is also cool laptops, such as HP concepts made specifically for women. Every part of these laptops are designed by Nikita Buyanov has its own special abilities that will recognize and spoil a girl like that diinginkannya.tampilan this product looks classy, ​​stylish, trendy and even provide extra productivity for your personality. Unfortunately they have not really produced, but if enough show interest, maybe next year HP feminine models will provide a different view that is made just for women.

7. Canova's Dual-Screen Laptop
Canova's Dual-Screen Laptop

Dual Touch Screen Laptop from Canova is a new notebook design meant for the creative mind. The notebook features dual display with touch-sensitive screens, sketch pad, music score, graph paper, an electronic pen and a dedicated hardware that works fine. Unfortunately, this product is only sold in Italy and Australia.

8. Fujitsu Laptop DJ
Fujitsu Laptop DJ

Fujitsu DJ laptop, as it is called, has a 20-inch main LCD are easy to fold and closed to enable the turntable function, which can be accessed via the touch screen on the outside of the sensitive. This laptop lets you browse all your favorite tracks are the same as the vinyl turntable.

9. TYPE-N01 Emergency Laptop
TYPE-N01 Emergency Laptop

NEC has teamed up with Takara to create a machine that scientists may seem a little crazy, with all the token stickers, labels, and even wallpapers that make this device very similar to that seen around Duke Nukem laboratories. With a LaVie G type L laptop, 15.4-inch screen. Button on the side is a very necessary "Emergency Button," which seems to turn off the engine if there is an unexpected intruder. Launched in 2006, only 300 units and made with a cost of up to ¥ 174,510 ($ 1,476).

10. Compenion 2015 Laptop
Compenion 2015 Laptop

Felix Schmidberger designed this laptop for 2015 with OLED touch screen. The computer itself has an OLED touchscreen, where you can directly use it, similar to a UMPC or PDA. whole screen is a slider, to be able to be moved forward to open a second touchscreen OLED display at the bottom, where you can have a keyboard or working controls, similar to a setup with 2 monitors.


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