Thursday, 14 March 2013

Angry Birds game is a favorite not only of children, but also adults. Even the famous guitarist, Slash is a fan of this game.

Slash Record Jingle For Angry Birds

From his love of playing this game, make Slash was asked to fill out the song for Angry Bird Space. This song will be included in the latest version of the application at the title screen.

Slash Record Jingle For Angry Birds

"They know I am a big fan of Angry Birds, and I was very excited when they offered to make a new song this game," he said.

Slash was not the only who has been involved in Angry Birds. Punk band, Green Day last year released their own version of the game. Slash is also very grateful to the game Angry Birds that gives character image itself complete with curly hair, hat and his trademark Gibson guitar.


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