Friday, 8 March 2013

Venezuelan President Dies

W-News | Venezuelan President Dies | After fighting the cancer disease Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez finally breathed his last breath on Wednesday (6/3), as reported by CNN. Chaves dead at the age of 58 years.

News of the death of Chaez delivered by the Deputy President Nicolas Mduro and local broadcast on national television. For more than 14 years he served as president of the known anti-American in the latin. Chavez also successfully brought the socialist revolution in the country and be able to gradually reduce poverty.

Fat-bodied man is the only president opposed Superpower domination. In various forums, not to mention the General Assembly of the United Nations, he loudly voiced that the U.S. did not interfere the domestic affairs of other countries, including Iran's nuclear program developed.

During the last year struggling with cancer Chavez gnawing. He underwent surgery at a hospital in the capital of Havana, Cuba. His condition is weak and only survive through medical devices.

But he had survived and found to improve to return to the capital Caracas. Three days ago he was reportedly undergoing chemotherapy to restore suffered respiratory problems after cancer surgery.

Chavez could not stand it any longer. He has passed away, leaving a number of memories, especially the poor people of Venezuela for many government programs that favor them.


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