Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The U.S. space agency, NASA, reported that their space robot - Curiosity - made ​​significant discoveries on Mars.

NASA Robot Back Find Water on Mars

This robot is called the drill a rock containing clay minerals, an indication of the formation or change of substance caused by neutral water.

Scientists say the discovery is a step forward to show the red planet in the past may have conditions that could support life.

In a previous study that found many Martian rocks may contain acidic water.

Despite this latest finding does not avoid the possibility of life on Mars micro-organisms, but the imuwan believe these findings will be more challenging.

The discovery of clay showed that at least in some locations on the planet billions of years ago, there may be an environment to support life.

"We found a habitable environment that is not harmful and life support, which is possible if there is water around and you were there, you might be able to drink it", said John Grotzinger, project scientist Curiosity.

Ancient lakes

Curiosity Robot powder samples dug from a mud rock exploration in the Gale Crater, a niche in the Martian equator.

The sample is then analyzed in the laboratory and found to contain 20-30% smectite - a group of clay minerals.

With large amounts of salt are found and at least indicate the possibility of the formation of fresh water mud rocks.

Scientists estimate Curiosity might do some digging in the ancient lake.


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