Thursday, 14 March 2013

When Dave Grohl start the Foo Fighters could be she was mengusung the song-song Nirvana for the jack up his band. But it did not he did and chose for the genre and its path for the Foo Fighters.

Reasons Dave Grohl Not Want To Sing Nirvana, Foo Fighters Songs

Dave tells us that long as she together Foo Fighters was never mengusung the song Nirvana. Even since the death of Kurt Cobain, Dave focus on the song-songs Foo Fighters and a not want to bit of bernostalgia with the songs-songs Nirvana.

"There is a reason why Foo Fighters did not never sing the song Nirvana in every end of his concert, because we are very respect for band such. We never talked about it, however opportunity never come or may feel not true," he explained.

It turns out not only Dave alone company who does that. Bassist Nirvana, Krist Novoselic which forming Sweet 75 and Eyes Adrfit during appear not never mengusung the song secondhand his old band. even though she has the right to bring her, however he did not there is a desire for the sing it.


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