Tuesday, 12 March 2013

If you're vacationing in Japan, so beware if you are on the road alone. It could be you will meet the woman with scary faces. This story is not a figment, even a legend urband popular in Japan.

The Slit Mouth Woman, known as Kuchisake Onna is a figure with the appearance of a beautiful woman who can make you cry out of fear. His mouth was wide as the blade ripped up to his ear. That said, this story began long ago when there was a girl who married a samurai. Samurai was very jealous and rude. Until one day the girl caught cheating. As a result, the samurai became furious and took his sword and tore her mouth from the left ear to the right. "In a situation like this, who is going to say you're beautiful," said the samurai is.

In the early 70's the story of a woman torn mouth began to be talked about Japanese society and create panic. A mysterious woman covering her lower face with masks often appear at night. Commonly affects children. He would ask anyone who meets and asks "Am I pretty?" . If you're still using the mask maybe you can answer it pretty. After that he opened his mask and asked the same question. "How now, am I still beautiful?". If the answer is not pretty, then she will soon kill the victim with long scissors.

The Slit Mouth Woman

Then, if the answer should be pretty? Apparently praising this woman will not make anyone safe. If you say beautiful, then Kuchisake Onna will tear the mouth of the victim from the left ear to the right, and make victims like him.

That said, the only way to survive is to answer the second question with "you look normal" or "you're normal". This will confuse Kuchisake Onna, thus giving the victim time to escape while he was daydreaming, as reported scaryforkids.

In 2007, there was a woman who attacks children. Later, she was killed by getting hit by a car. Surprisingly, she has a wide mouth as widely tear marks a Japanese legend.

Besides Japan, the story of this woman's mouth was torn Korea. In the land of ginseng, it says there are masked woman who likes to attack the children. While in the United States has its own version of Kuchisake Onna. Rumors say, there is a clown who appeared in public bathrooms and always come to the children while asking, "Do you want death or happy smile?" When answering a smile of happiness, the clown will issue a knife and rip up the child from the left ear to the right.

Although legend has begun recently rarely discussed, but the story is still scary for the people of Japan. Even the legend was made into a film with the title Carved.


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