Tuesday, 12 March 2013

SimCity Website Today Show Availability Server

With a variety of issues affecting hurricane exposure SimCity, Electronic Arts seems to want to "make peace" with his players. If previously there was no clarity about the availability of servers, players will now be able to monitor the state of the server SimCity anytime.

On the official website of SimCity, EA has now put a list of available servers. Now players will be able to know the state of each server SimCity, from which server the server is full ataupuin still quiet. However, EA still does not allow players to play on a server that is not in its territory. Therefore, if the server is full all region player, then the player must still wait for a relatively long time.

It seems that EA should really consider giving to the SimCity offline mode because they want no matter how the server is added, in a few days still many players who are complaining can not login.


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