Friday, 29 March 2013

Types Of The World's Best Cheeses

NOT all that popular in the world of cheese made ​​from cow's milk. Now, the cheese has been sold by utilizing the main ingredients of goat milk, buffalo, or other mammals.

Cheese can also be processed into a variety of delicious food to eat. Especially when paired with foods such as martabak, salad, bread, pizza, and even sandwiches though.

Well, you want to know the types of cheese that can be found all over the world? Here is his review, as reported by eHow.


Cheddar name comes from a village in England. This cheese comes from cows milk with flavors ranging from mild to strong, depending on the length of the manufacturing process.


Feta cheese is known as Greece. The cheese is made from sheep milk or in combination with goat milk. Feta white with flavors of mild to strong, depending on the texture of the cheese.


Gouda cheese derived its name from the Dutch town of Gouda. These foods are very popular in the Netherlands. Gouda has a smooth texture and are usually often used as a dessert. The flavor is out of this cheese is fruity and sweet.


Mondseer is a cheese made in Salzburg, Austria. It feels like Limburger cheese. Its texture is semi-hard with a sweet and sour taste.


Parmesan cheese popular in the world, despite being named from the town of Parma in Italy. The cheese is sold in the form or a box grater, and the texture is very hard.

pepper Jack

Pepper Jack has a semi-soft texture. It was sour and spicy, with additional pepper. Pepper Jack is often used in Mexican food like quesadillas.


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