Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Havox the biggest name in technology Physic calculations recently revealed the latest generation of physics-engine cultivated fields.

Physic-Making Game Engine Newest Havox More 'Real'

By presenting the performance of the so-called Havox, physic-new engine is claimed to deliver besutannya better memory utilization. The new product is also touted as a 'big leap' in physics simulation technology is applied in the game.

One of the game developers are reportedly ready to adopt physics-engine technology for Havox is 2K. Through Laurent Gorga as Technical Director of 2K, Czech Republic game from developer explained that the application of physics-engine newest Havox garapannya later in the game to bring the interactive environments with high detail.

"In 2K, we wanted a solution-physic engine that can deliver the best efficiencies of scale and also able to present interactive environments with high detail," Gorga said as quoted by TomsHardware, Thursday (03/14/2013).

"By using the latest physics-engine Havox, we managed to meet all of these requirements through optimal utilization able to offer the latest Havox physics-engine," he continued.

Havox physics-engine technology is commonly embedded in the game. With the application of physics-engine, the game will be able to bring movement and realistic natural environments, such as the flutter of flags that appear natural, to bounce objects by the blast.

Physic-generation engines are later targeted application of the latest generation of gaming consoles, smartphones, and computers. Unlike Nvidia PhysX made ​​that rely on hardware in processing physics calculations, relying more Havox on his own software to calculate the physics simulation processing.


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