Sunday, 3 March 2013

W-News | Ducati Monster Diesel Release This Afternoon | Motorcycle enthusiasts, especially Ducati in the country will presented one model that is quite phenomenal. Along with the announcement of the partnership between Ducati and Lupromax.

Ducati Monster Diesel Release This Afternoon

1100 Ducati Monster Diesel will be launched at The Mansion, Ciputra Jakarta, on Sunday afternoon (4/3).

"The launch is in conjunction with the product launch Lupromax. We took the Ducati, which also coincides with the launch of the Ducati Monster Diesel. Do not forget the present, yes, mas," said the launch of the Ducati Monster Diesel Host 1100, the, Saturday (2/3) .

Despite frills Monster Diesel behind the name, it is simply a name that depart from a world fashion brand that also designed the Ducati Monster Diesel 1100. That is special, this bike is a limited edition.

1100 Ducati Monster Diesel was first skied in Europe some watu ago. Not unlike the standard model, the Diesel version still equipped with a capacity 1.100cc.

However, because of its lower weight, Monster Diesel 1100 could burst power 100 hp at 7,500 rpm rotation. And a peak torque of 102.9 Nm at 6000 rpm spin.

Another distinguished, not by the typical red color. Laburan Monster Diesel body paint in dark green instead dof, and a framework that also follow the color green, not red anymore.

Euro 3 standard motor has a configuration of 2-1-2 exhaust catalytic converters plus aluminum. Where this device can make the dump gas become more environmentally friendly.

Besides dimodali front suspension upside down Marzocchi brand, adjustable Sachs rear (adjustable). Monster Diesel 1100 equipped with features ABS, traction control, brake Brembo 4 piston calipers in front and 2 piston in the rear.

For the price in Indonesia, Ducati did not want to divulge, to launch Sunday.


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