Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Robot Will Have Internet Access Yourself

The scientists had the idea to create a special robot internet access. They provide a web-based database designed to allow robots to share information about the behavior and the environment.

Rapyuta thus the name of this technology, developed by scientists who are members of the European Project RoboEarth. The goal, to develop the ability to learn the robot.

Basically, Rapyuta is open source robotics platform based on cloud computing. The platform implements the framework Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) designed specifically for robotic applications.

"Rapyuta help robots reduce the computational load by providing a computing environment that can be adjusted as needed in the cloud," said Mohanarajah Gajamohan who led this research project, as quoted from TG Daily, Wednesday (03/13/2013).

Mentioned them, every robot is connected to Rapyuta will have a secure computing environment. This allows the robot to move heavily into cloud computing.

Through a high bandwidth connection to the database RoboEarth, robots can memeroses data in the cloud without having to download and perform local processing. Moreover, because the computing environment is closely connected with the other robots, they can work as a team.

"This concept will be particularly useful for mobile robots such as automated car that require computing to navigation," said Mohanarajah.

He added that the technology also offers significant advantages to the robot co-worker, factory running like robots help humans. Such robots he requires a very large database of knowledge and application of new ways of working robot team.


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