Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The Resignation Of Electronic Arts CEO

Electronic Arts (EA) arguably one of the publishers and game makers are quite successful today. But while it's exciting, CEO of the company from the United States that just resigned.

John Riccitiello is just a letter of resignation to the board of directors as the CEO of EA.

As quoted from Business Insider, Tuesday (03/19/2013), Riccitiello EA is not new. He had joined the giant producers since October 1997 as President & COO.

In 2004, Riccitiello decided to turn away from EA, then in 2007 he returned to the office of a relatively classy as CEO.

Now, not only the letter of resignation Riccitiello until kejajaran directors, he is also rumored to have sent a farewell email to his officers at EA.

"We will be looking for candidates, either from the internal or external to fill the position as CEO," Larry Probst, Chairman EA.


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