Thursday, 14 March 2013

Snoop Lion: If Bob Marley Still Alive

Famous rapper, Snoop Lion, turned out to save a million wishes can not be fulfilled by himself, one of which is met with Bob Marley.

Citing news from NME, Snoop Lion who admitted his admiration for reggae legend, Bob Marley, expressed a latent desire that can not be fulfilled. "I wish Bob was here to teach me about some of the science of music," explains Snoop.

Investigate a calibaration, apparently Snoop also keeps his desire to play Reggae music. "I want to know what moves he did to that great music mix," added Snoop.

Snoop Lion ready to release his latest album, 'Reincarnated' on 14 March, will feature several other musicians such as Drake, Rita Ora and Chris Brown.


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