Friday, 8 March 2013

Guessing The Replacement Chavez

W-News | Guessing The Replacement Chavez | Vice President Nicolas Maduro Venezuela long ago been called will replace Hugo Chavez, who died yesterday.

Before leaving for cancer surgery in the capital Havana, Cuba, in December of last year, President Hugo Chavez once called Maduro wanted to replace him if he is not able to be president.

Now Chavez has died. President of 58 years died because of cancer. Chavez should be sworn in for a fourth time was president of Venezuela on 10 January. But because it is still undergoing treatment in Cuba, Chavez could not be sworn.

According to the Venezuelan constitution, if the president dies before taking office, a new election must be made within 30 days.

In a survey conducted by a local agency Hinterlaces recently when elections are held then Maduro could reap as much as 50 percent of the vote compared to 40-year-old candidate of the opposition Henriques Capriles only 36 percent.

Who Maduro? Chavez had been assessed Maduro is a figure of great leaders who can continue its leadership. Maduro began his political career when he was a bus driver's union leader in the 1980s. Her name is getting stuck as Chavez became president in 1998. 50-year-old man had served as Minister of Foreign Affairs in 2006.

Some people judge Maduro is the mastermind behind some of the decisions of radical anti-imperialist government of Venezuela.

Not only Capriles who might replace Chavez. But the Chairman of the National Assembly (parliament Venezuela) Disdado Cabello also be a strong candidate, as reported by the newspaper The New Yorker in January.

Maduro and Cabello both were rejected Chavismo, ala Chavez's leftist nationalism. Venezuela Chavez has made such a company in which he as a boss who decides everything, including small business.

But Cabello is the opposite of Maduro. He retired army and being loud. Cabello helping Chavez shut down commercial television station RCTV is considered relevant because the dissident group. Cabello has close ties with the military helped Chavez in power.

Both will compete. The army that support Chavez early on is the socialists, but not like Cuba. While Maduro oriented to Castro's regime.

So who will replace the leadership of Chavez and forward country of 29 million people? The decision is now in the hands of the people of Venezuela.


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