Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger did not cover his desire to bring Wayne Rooney. He think next season will be tough for the Gunners if Rooney would prefer Chelsea.

Wenger: Chelsea Will Be Stronger With Rooney

Arsenal and Chelsea to two club enthusiasts accommodate Rooney if the 27-year-old decided to hengakang from Old Trafford earlier this season.

According to reports, the Blues have raised their bid to reach the 30 million Pounds.

"With the arrival of Rooney, Chelsea would have been more dangerous. Rooney I rate very high, unfortunately we fight with Manchester United and Chelsea," said the Frenchman told Al Jazeera Sport.

Given the Chelsea squad filled with great players and the Savior kemabalinya skilful tactics Jose Mourinho, Wenger believes the Blues will be more fierce with the arrival of Rooney, Rooney could be a temporary loss of United's weak side.

"If Rooney goes then Manchester United will be weaker, it's good enough for us. However, if Rooney anchored to Chelsea then they will be more powerful. Thing is not good for us," added the 63-year-old.

Coming to the end of the transfer window early in the season, the Gunners have not bring in players star status, but the management of the club has set aside 70 million Pounds (1.1 trillion Rupiah).

The only player gained Gunner is a young French player Yaya Sonogo imported from Auxerre on a free transfer.


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