Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The global vendors flocked launches smartphone with a large screen, even exceeding 5 inches. Apparently the new smartphone trend is quite loved in the country.

Huge Screen Smartphone Popular In Indonesia Market

Turn of the year and the development of technology to be two of the many factors the presence of smartphones "Huge". It is recognized by the distributors of mobile communication devices, Erajaya Group.

Marketing & Communications Director Erajaya Group Djatmiko Ward, revealed that the current trend is smartphone has evolved, and the popularity of small screen has also been declining. "Back when the good little phone, but now it is different," he told some time ago.

According to him, the big screen is now more unpopular for many reasons, one of which is an increased need for entertainment. Smartphone users, he said, is now no longer just a phone call and SMS, but also other entertainment services such as watching videos, playing games, and social media.

"The big screen is now more unpopular, especially for entertainment such as watching a video with a larger screen size would be fun," said Djatmiko.

But he stressed, big screen will be more attractive if consumers are armed with a powerful specification. "It's not just a big screen, such as 5-inch smartphone, but the quality of the smartphone itself must also be good," he explained.


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