Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Excessive Joking, AKB48 Idol Fans Protest

Joked that there must be a limit, because not everyone can accept the way that coarse joke or exaggeration. As recently occurred in personnel AKB48, Mayu Watanabe.

Sister group of the idol group that now exist in Indonesia, JKT48, does have a lot of fans not only in Japan but also around the world. In fact they are known to be the group that has the most loyal male fans.

However, some time ago, AKB48 fans furious as seen 'excessive action' which was a comedian Koji Kato at one of its personnel, Watanabe Mayu known as Mayuyu or more.

In an event titled Mecha-Mecha Iketeru, Koji Kato plays a father whose body twirling Mayuyu seems subordinate to it. Mayuyu then knelt on the man and turned Koji Kato 'looks to kick' Mayuyu.

Reporting from rocketnews24.com, the incident might just push Mayuyu head with legs, but looks like a kick. Even so, whether the scene is in the scenario or not, which obviously has invited the wrath of the fans AKB48

Many were cursing and protesting what Koji Kato on their idol. One of the commentators on Youtube saying that it was a comedy show seems very excessive.

On the one hand some people also blame why Mayuyu want to be treated like that. Because Mayuyu just seems to smile despite such treatment. But on the other hand the fans more angry at the behavior Koji Kato.


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