Tuesday, 6 August 2013

New Movie, Daniel Radcliffe Still Look Like Harry Potter

Daniel Radcliffe ready to re-appear in the film with his iconic appearance that wears round glasses frames. Although the figure has changed from wizard Harry Potter to poet Allen Ginsberg, Radcliffe seems inseparable from Potter-style round-lensed glasses.

24-year-old actor appeared so similar as the influential writer in the latest trailer for the film directed by John Krokidas, KILL YOUR Darlings featuring him arrive at a university.

In the 30-second trailer, successfully making fans curious and could not wait for the new movie will be released in November. Radcliffe show character for the first time, the trailer opens with a figure that Ginsberg arrives at Columbia University before finally meeting with Lucien Carr, played by Dane DeHaan.

Michael C Hall is known for his role as Dexter was also present in the trailer as David Krammerer, death rocker that rocked his band in the era of 1944. Radcliffe looks so steeped in his role as the iconic poet and also busy at the typewriter.

The film itself focuses on the birth of a generation of critical and killing Carr Krammerer famous by their fight post where he was charged guilty of second degree murder. Speaking about the gay scene in the film, Radcliffe admits he did as directed Krokidas.


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